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What happened to OCMB?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Emma, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I have a forming hypothesis as well.

    Alanzo lobbied Emma hard to remove the "tinfoil" button, to remove the danger of breaking the record for the number of tinfoil responses he receives.

    I assert this hypothesis has a likelihood that does not have a zero probability.

    This message has been brought to you by:

    Reynolds Wrap

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  2. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    I hypothesised that 95% of the population would come to that conclusion.
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  3. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    87.2 % of all statistics are made up on the spot anyway.
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  4. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    I'm about the same, although I'm not sure about the missing 13%.

    I'm 35% nefarious, 65% code snafu.
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  5. He-man

    He-man Hero extraordinary

    No point being hypopotentious just yet. I really feel like the biggest piece of the puzzle is still missing. Is Alanzo God?

    I kid the Alanzo, I know he's just a fluffy armadillo.

    I do want to know if it is correct though that Andreas Heldal Lund did hand over the keys to and OCMB, and if it is a matter of a crash or what not.

    All I can say is that I'm 100% intrigued and that ye all are at least 75% hypopotentious.
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  6. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    You don't have to hand over the keys if you make a copy of them.
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  7. He-man

    He-man Hero extraordinary

    That's very true, also, I hope that whatever has happened that whoever is going to allow the board to be copied as well.
  8. Roan

    Roan Patron with Honors

    Andreas is tending to the problems on OCMB. He confirms that the problem is/was "technical issues." The site crashed and he is working to get it back up. :)
  9. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    Well that is good news. Once OCMB has been restored it means I can get back to my "noisy investigation".
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  10. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Exactly, Emster.

    It sure is a good thing that this work is being done by Andreas rather than by Karen and Jeffrey. Because if it wasn't being done by Andreas, this would have been yet another thing proving Karen and Jeffrey to be Big Liars.

    Because they are already on record claiming they have never had anything to do with OCMB.

    As soon as OCMB is back up, we can all go trolling for those early J Swift threads where he kept having suitable guise malfunctions.

    I have a feeling that Jeffrey is soon to be bigger than Janet Jackson.
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  11. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    I don't care about any investigation but I still don't understand why anyone would suggest Karen and/or Jeffrey got more or less control over OCMB.

    I have yet to see some evidence that it was the case.

    Has anyone given that and did I miss it?

    Please help me out.

    (I do know that Andreas has had several other people doing moderator work so he could just do admin. IIRC Sponge comes to mind.)
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  12. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    It's complicate to follow

    Emma ( look back through her last week posts)
    Mainly asserts Jeffrey used OCMB board for certain unclear purposes and under different identities, thus she wants to dig OCMC to find threads and proove it.

    However the armadello is on a (several?)crusade on ESMB which is
    • for us to listen his teachings we are bad anti scientologist cultists
    • That Karen is a control freak taking over anti Scientology sites to push her propaganda and control information and people ( She is to be demonized) as she was an intelligence and OSA expert
    • Karen, Jeffrey, Mike Rinder are liars and we shall stop to be feafull to question them
    • Mike Rinder never revealed his crime or those he knows of ( we don't know which crimes yet)
    • Leah Remini's show is a front cover to hide real crimes
    • We fall in total obedience and submissions to our anti Scientology cult leader(s) ( no specifics here)
    • He came to teach us Scn abused and trauma don't exist, it's a sort of brainwashing by anti scn leaders
    • He wants to teach us the right cognitions and wins we shall have
    • And on, and on...
    I did my very best and I hope I got it right.
    Good luck in trying to get it.
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  13. Pooks


    Thanks for this summary. I've put Alanzo on ignore and it allows me to really enjoy ESMB without having a constant wtf is this <deleted> talking about expression on my face.
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  14. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Such a sweet person. Still sweet as ever.

    Am I still a MOONBAT for claiming that an OSA Op was run on Emma back in 2010/2011 "Pooks"?
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  15. cakemaker

    cakemaker Patron Meritorious

    The IGNORE button is a marvelous invention.

    I, too, put him on ignore. I find him toxic.
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  16. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    I find you the same, "Cakemaker".
  17. Aerial

    Aerial Patron with Honors

    Do you think that Jeffrey and Karen had something to do with your arrest?
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  18. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Yes, what happened on OCMB on this particular topic was a bit complicated.
    (Jeffery was "Kent Questions Everything" and later "J. Swift".)

    IIRC, I initially accepted what "Kent Questions Everything" posted.
    Then I thought about other later posts questioning. (e.g. UMike also said something to me about it).

    IMO, I think that he just wanted to join a group for an additional purpose in life.
    He has done some good ex-Scientology interviews. However, I still don't believe that he was ever a Scientologist.

    I don't have a URL for this but (trying to remember) I think Karen sent Jeffery to Texas to get some auditing from Marty a long time ago (indie). I'm guessing that Karen wanted to help Marty (money) but also wanted "exchange" for the help. So Marty did some SCN auditing with Jeffery.

    I can be a bit critical but that does not mean that I hate Karen nor Jeffery.
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  19. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    OCMB is still down btw. Sad.
  20. He-man

    He-man Hero extraordinary

    If what Hobson said on SP's R US it can be hard to replicate the PhPBB(whatever) code that the DB needs to be able to show the forum. I feel bad for Andreas because I suspect it's a clusterf*** to go through and fixx, unless he has some kinda backup from previous month.