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What went on in the Cadet Org?

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by duddins, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    What was happening with the children in the SO was one of the things that really bothered me about the Cof$, I then formed a Gung-Ho group of auditors to help the children and their nannies but I was accused of forming a 'splinter gorup' by a Class VIII, her name escapes me right now and so I was sent to Ethics for that. They duly informed me that the management was taking care and that conditions were going to change.

    I then, encouraged any SO member who had a child to leave of them was Karen Hamilton Huber whose children were being taken care by her parents. I also did A LOT of leaving the org confessionals for SO members to help them get out fast, specially if they had children. Many times I was ordered by the C/S to 'handle' the PC so that he/she stayed...but I would hear none of it and there was nothing they could since I was not in the SO and I was a public auditing the staff for free for the orgs. I was a funny character, I would audit the staff for free for the orgs but I would not audit the celebrities for CCI unless they paid me...LOL!

  2. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron


    Its always worse than you think.
    Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good for you.
  4. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    yep there are FO's that actually state this.
  5. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader


    I was in the Cadet Org in the 70's and 80's, mostly in LA, but for a short time in Florida at the QI as well. Yes, this is correct.

    We would do filing, sorting through documents, shredding (Oh yeah, I forgot! I got my finger caught in this big shredder when I was about 8 at the CEO!). We also ran around Scientology properties trying to sell Freedom Magazines!

    In mid 80's I used to go to the organizations and collect money for the work the Cadets did in/for their org.

    I remember we also did stuff for the Way to Happiness Foundation, which was not a Sea Org entity at all. I think we were selling Way to Happiness books. I remember riding my bike down to Wilshire Ave to collect payment from them.
  6. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    PLEASE SUE THEM, Sorry you have got taken advantage of
  7. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Its a survival point...they are thetans i acn hear the tune

    Its sick.. the founder spouts love and family unit , and at the end of it we find he wrote policies for those in the need to know in direct counter to his PR..

    An Official CofS world is scary beyond 1984.
  8. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Yes you are absolutelyt right about that
  9. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    I can also confirm the existence of Cadet missions. I have also seen the FOs on them.

    When I was at LRH Archives (CST) I had to look after the older kids for awhile. I was under orders that they were to work. They had to do the dishes for the entire base after dinner and I was forbidden to help them do it. There were 4 kids from age 6 to 11. Only one of them was a cadet. It was a massive chore for kids that age and would take them pretty much the whole evening, every day. Also they were supposed to have work projects on the weekends. I got blasted once for letting them watch videos of kids movies on a Saturday afternoon.

    You said it! Looking back on it, there were so many red flags warning of where Scn was going that were overlooked because of the PR bullshit....we were a "dedicated" group...we were tough, only the tigers survive.....and we weren't allowed to talk to each other about our observations because this would be spreading "enemy lines". Enemy lines was the biggest thought stopper in the history of Scn, IMO. So you just put up with it, and if you didn't you'd be scrubbing toilets in no time. Assigned there by some EO barely out of nappies that had absolutely no life experience of their own. Fucking crazy Scientology world.
  10. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Bridge Pubs used minors for work, on per diem pay, like sub contractors. To make meters and such when they were done by hand. This included Cadet Org kids and neighborhood 'wog' children. Illegal aliens were used as well. Some non-scientologist called in state and federal authorities back in the early 80's because she didn't get paid and have proper taxes taken out of what pay she had received and it was a big mess for BPI. The hiring of minors didn't stop fully, as they were always around PAC to secretely pull into working in a pinch but they were kept out of sight after that and BPI was forced to get legal rudiments in fast to prevent further widespread abuse and 'legal flaps'..
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  11. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Anyone who doubts that SO kids might sometimes sell their favours, presumably for chocolate bar or packet of cigarettes is deluding themselves.

    Children, abused, stressed, abandoned and neglected would surely do anything to get some attention.

    By the way for a child to grow up under constant stress, hard work and insufficient rest can have dire consequences later on. Low self esteem of course, but also this can effect the hypothalamus. The stress means that hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are produced, these are natural. When you then rest after a stressful episode the hormones return to normal, when there is no rest the levels of hormones just increase, this makes the person prone to disease, it damages the immune system. It can also cause problems like MS, ME/CFS Fybromyalgia etc etc etc.

    When you read Science of Survival at the importance of care in raising kids, and all the other stuff he wrote for the public, and compare that to what he organised for his staff's kids, well, words fail me.:no:
  12. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    A bit of back up for my statement above....

    Note what he says there about Voodoo. What about all the crap that's said will happen to you if you blow, or speak up against the cult, it's just like a curse.
  13. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron


    Again, La La Lou - this info is important to understand. Thanks. :clap:

  14. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    I hope somebody kept some old administration on that
  15. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    I think you are quite right - and , in fact, I think the problem is much worse than we know. Where abuse can happen - it will. We adult SO from that time have a lot to answer for.

    WE do need to encourage the children who grew up to get thorough and complete physicals and to monitor their medical progress.
  16. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Mick, the kids do need to be watched for immunity problems etc. But also we adult survivors have to learn to relax, and take care of our health. Constant stress, low protein diet, sleep deprivation effect adults and children alike, though the damage that can be done to growing kids is perhaps more extreme, as it happens while they are developing.

    As you say, we have a lot to answer for. We all observed the crap that went on, and the brainwashing and torture we went through cannot compare to effect it had on the kids.

    Your son Sean was so lucky not to be with the nannies and the cadet stuff. He got sunshine and parks, swings and climbing frames. And I was so lucky to be able to help him enjoy those things. He probably had the most normal childhood of any of the kids in Nordlands!
  17. ignatz

    ignatz Patron

    Yes for sure I was there 73-85 and I tell you without a doubt there where work missions. I spent hours working under the bridge between the CEO and the CC opening mailbag after mailbag The whole cadet org during that time was a scene of chaos and massive neglect. FYI anyone who says they don't believe something ( like sexual predators didnt exist) because it wasn't in a childs ethics files really has no fucking idea what they're talking about
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2011
  18. ignatz

    ignatz Patron

    oh I plan to write about this time period extensively in the my story section as soon as have the time and can figure where to even start.
  19. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Start with what comes to mind first. It's easiest that way. If you want to do a book later, then sort it out from what you have already posted, but don't try to sort it all out at the outset.

  20. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Yep, as Paul says, just start with what is most on your mind.
    I found it easier to have time blocks and try to remember what happened in certain years, for example.