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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by FreeThePeople44, May 7, 2015.

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  1. i figured woogie sums up being a wog noobie.

    The topic of the Church of Scientology has sent me through a range of different emotions. My contempt for Captain David "Let Him Die" Miscavige cannot be held back any longer. First, South Park poked fun at the church and i thought the members were silly. For 10 years i thought scientology was a joke until Going Clear came out. Since watching it I cannot stop researching the topic of the atrocities committed and instigated by David "petty bitch" Miscavige. The podcast by Jeff Augustine caught my attention recently and I just finished catching up to speed. The episode that originally ran in March with Mareka Brousseau troubled me deeply. It hit me like a ton of bricks When Mareka spoke about her grandmother committing suicide because the church took away her family and all her money.

    At first I blamed everyone associated with the church for these horrible acts. The blogs and podcasts posted or attended by Marty Rathbun, Marc Headley and Mike Rinder helped me realize that there is no sense getting mad at the poor pawns. I know without a doubt that David Miscavige and LRH are completely responsible for everything that has happened. The church needs reform and ruined lives need compensation. I do not believe that Scientology works but I have no problem with folks who want to continue to practice it after reformations take place.

    I have started contributing to the fight against the Church of Scientolgy and Captain Miscavige. I found a good place to donate have made a contribution to the Ex-Scientology kids message board. I am also buying books from the whistle-blowers to help support their sacrifice. I have read beyond belief and am just starting Going Clear. My next few books that just arrived are Blown for Good, Inside Scientology, Abuse at the Top, The Scandal of Scientology, and Tom Cruise an Unauthorized biography. There are several more I will be ordering after these including Marty's books, Ortega's new book coming out, and anything else that is bravely written about the abuses. Each book is like another piece of the puzzle. I contemplated reading Dianetics but Tony Ortega's blog helped me figure out how stupid that thought was.

    I am here to join the conversation, continue to learn, and give support to the victims.
  2. Cat's Squirrel

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    Welcome to ESMB! Sounds like you'll fit in just great here.

    I can also recommend Jon Atack's "A Piece Of Blue Sky." Jon is an expert on how Scientology works and (apparently, because I myself am not that far along in my investigation of Scn yet) was designed to work.
  3. Northern Shewolf

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    Welcome Woogie! :thumbsup::goodposting::goodjob:
    Shewolf who shared in many ways your experience of watching $ciloonery destroy families and lives, congratulates you for your empathetic generosity of spirit, and I am raising a glass of great vintage Chardonnay to celebrate your coming out.
    Thank you for joinning the best crowd on the fringes of the internet (D.M. favorite term for us all) WELCOME!
  4. Intentionally Blank

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    Welcome Woogie! Great post :) Delighted to have you join the conversation.

    I'm not as cultured as SheWolf but I am the unofficial keeper of the esmb popcorn :drama:

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    Welcome Woogie - thank you for joining in on suppressing Scientology.


    Wow - You are a compassionate soul to care enough to get involved. Thank you. You have a big heart.

    What is needed and wanted is to suppress Scientology whenever you have a chance. You can call Orgs, go into Orgs, tell a neighbor, friend or family about Scientology, protest, blog, send out emails to everyone you know and invite them to watch "going clear".

    Thank you for posting!!
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    Blanky we must have a private chat, ok?!?!:yes:
    Shewolf who has a special spot for you in her beat-up heart. Yeah....
  7. thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

    I hear that Jon Atack's book is great and I will have to pick up the new version from last year. I have made a goal of reading a book each week because there are so many that I have purchased recently. The information in the pages goes much deeper than the documentaries can.

    I have been bringing up the topic of scientology to any of my friends and family that are interested lately. Most people either knew nothing or thought scientology was about worshiping aliens. I am telling folks to watch Going clear and lending these books out as I finish them. There are no orgs for me to picket in Asheville so I have opted to take my voice to twitter. I am very surprised that the OSA folks have not blocked me yet as I mess with with them while spreading #EscapeTheSeaOrg.

    captain Dirtbag Dave is going to look great in an orange jumpsuit someday.
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    A great book to read on how all this madness started is Bare-Faced Messiah by Russel Miller.:thumbsup:
  9. Don't forget "L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?" and "The Complex"! :happydance:

    Welcome Woogie (you've got a nickname!).

    I respectfully disagree with this statement: "I know without a doubt that David Miscavige and LRH are completely responsible for everything that has happened."

    While those two sociopathic hoodlums have much to answer for, including murders :grouch: I see it differently...everyone who bought a book or a course, took auditing, gave a donation to the ISA, worked as staff, joined the Sea Org or went into the netherworld of RTC, CST, CMO and OSA black Ops, criminal activities and evasions of justice all also deserve their share of responsibility for keeping the Cult in action for so long.

    The current Scientologists who deny the abuses by saying "well I've never experienced that" (until they do!) and who claim that all the factual criticisms of Ron and his Cult are lies, are the ones who are propping up the criminal Cult now. They are responsible. Anyone who gives money to the COS or IAS or any Scientology front group like Narconon, Applied Scholastics or CCHR, etc. is ALSO responsible! :no:
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    :welcome2: Woogie!
  11. bromo

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    Welcome! Glad you are here.
  12. Bare-faced Messiah, Messiah or Madman, and the complex are all definitely on my list! I heard that The Complex gives a great overview on how the business aspect of scientology works. Bare Faced Messiah and Messiah or Madman are going to be great to get the real picture of L Ron Hubbard. I think he had some neat ideas but turned very sour when he wasnt recognized the way he had hoped. I stopped giving a damn about what he had to say after i heard about how he treated his ex wife. In my opinion that should be the wake up call for anyone that thinks LRH was a great man.

    SweetnessandLight, thank you for the welcome and I am glad you gave me your insight on OSA and the other dark sectors. At first I hated the people in these organizations but I changed my mind after hearing stories from Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun. I now have the same empathy for them that I do for other members of the Sea Org. My opinion is uninformed though and i need to learn more about the structure of the church. You are most likely right though as there have to be some bad apples in OSA that know what they are doing is completely wrong. Psychopaths and sociopaths are extremely good at climbing the corporate ladder and the rest of the people miserable for fun. My opinion is that Hubbard and then captain dave ran all the dark Ops and are responsible for the lives ruined. The threat of disconnection makes people do terrible things. My thought is that captain dave is the head of the snake and if he goes then scientology will either dissolve or change for the better. I just hope there is not another pscho waiting to take the reins after him.
  13. Northern Shewolf

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    Mr Miller's book was Shewolf introduction to $ciloonery, made me really curious way back then ('80s) and until T. Ortega's Village Voice super well researched series on Co$ it was difficult to find reliable material about it. Big :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. OutToe83

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    Welcome, Woogie. Glad you chose to join us.

    I like your nickname. But if you happen to be a good dancer, I'd advise you to keep it to yourself, or you know what your nickname would be after that. :nervous:

    I've been wanting for awhile now to express a certain idea, and since you brought the subject up, when you mentioned, "Captain David "Let Him Die" Miscavige", I thought this is as good a time as any...

    My thought: Don't let him die. If I were a praying man, I would pray for DM's health and vigor.

    I think of it this way:
    Near the end of WW2, Hitler purged some of his best generals for political (or paranoid) purposes, and took over personal command of the army. (Remind you of anyone?) One (among many) colossal blunder he then made was to order all his generals in the field, "NO RETREAT!!"--thus depriving them of an essential battlefield maneuver and crippling them from doing their job effectively. His handling brought disaster after disaster, because the German military mentality was to obey orders from above--even when the officer in the field knows it's insane. (Still sound familiar?) Hitler's response to each disaster was to strengthen his resolve to keep doing what he was doing and blame his generals for their defeats. (Still sound familiar?)

    Nazi Germany's defeat was inevitable by that time, but the Nazi war machine still had formidable resources--it could have taken a lot longer, more lives lost, more destruction, to bring the war to its end...except for one major factor: At the end of the war, Adolf Hitler was the Allies' best general! If Hitler had been assassinated early on, we might have avoided the war altogether; but if he'd been assassinated in the final year of the war, it could well have dragged on another year, possibly more. A sane head of government might have invoked his best generals to fight on to their limit, in hopes of negotiating a better treaty from a weary world who just wanted the war over any way they could get it.

    My point being that Nazi Germany's final and total defeat was brought about by both the Allies from without, and Hitler from within.

    A lot of us here on the board want Scientology exposed for the sham it is, and want the power of the Church of Scientology crushed, so that it can no longer spread that mental infection. I do want to stipulate that I hold no animosity toward the minions in the Co$, any more than I hate German soldiers of WW2 whose only "crime" was naiveté or gullibility, believing in their leadership.

    I've been fascinated and highly impressed by posts from a lot of the foot soldiers on this board and by a lot of the leaders in this quest--you all know who they are, so I won't try a list (but The Unbreakable Miss Lovely recently graced our board with her presence). Scientology is now being exposed in public media, at a grass roots level, and The Church is being attacked by unprecedented numbers of Exes who know their enemy. The Church itself is hampered by NOT knowing whom they're fighting. The foot soldiers (minions) think they're fighting SPs, so their strategy and tactics are all wrong and ineffective.

    And most important, IMHO, is that we have a strong Ally of our cause within The Church, One who cancels all the forces His OSA minions can muster, Who has for decades been eroding the effectiveness of The Church to continue the scam of Scientology: David Miscavige is our best Ally in bringing down the Church of Scientology ASAP.

    If anyone is entertaining thoughts of assassination, please do all of us a favor and defer it until after the Church's complete collapse. May he live long enough to wear the orange jumpsuit. And then, don't anybody dare put him out of his misery.
  15. Thanks for the welcome OutToe83! I completely agree work what you have to say. It's easy to want captain dirtbag dead but the best way is to out him as a vicious fraud. "Let him die" actually refers to what he said about his father whom he has been spending a ton of church cash to watch. It shows how cold-blooded he is. A true sociopath. I will always call him captain because he hates it from outside the church. I very much enjoyed you comparing him to Hitler ha ha.
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    Yeah, well, the Nazi/Hitler comparison is an overworked cliché that I don't trot out often; Scientology / Captain DM are the exceptional case where it's appropriate, IMHO.

    I think it's an instance where we can take lessons from the past: I'm all for prosecuting DM with a LOT of publicity because I think the publicity will hurt Scientology's credibility and the image of The Church and will hasten the day when Scientologists will be, perhaps, a collection of small groups and individuals, discredited in the public eye and not taken any more seriously than astrologers*; and learning Scientology jargon will be a pastime for nerds, comparable to learning Klingon.

    But putting DM and his accomplices, the guilty ones who actually knew laws were being broken, in prison won't necessarily cause The Cult to collapse. There'll be somebody to take his place, and it's always possible that it might be somebody clever and charismatic enough to actually hold the church together and keep it limping along for decades more. That's why I want to see Captain Dave at the helm of the $cn ship, flailing at his minions so they can't operate effectively, right up to the point that the organization crashes and burns as an empire.

    I'm sure I'm not the only person to have figured this out, but Scientology itself is never going away, not entirely. It's a belief system, an idea, and has long since spread to some critical number of minds that its survival was assured. Like Nazism, Zoroastrianism, astrology and flat-Earthers, there will probably always be a few Scientologists in the world, but without an empire behind them, I expect they'll be mostly harmless except to themselves.

    *(Sorry if I stepped on any toes when I mentioned astrology, but...good grief, people, wake UP!)
  17. I like your ideas and if that's how it goes down then it will put a huge smile on my face! people can practice scientology all they want as long as the abuse stops.