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working for a Scientology-run business?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by pd48, May 28, 2011.

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  1. Adam7986

    Adam7986 Declared SP

    People stop telling this guy to quit his job ffs. Jobs are not easy to come by. I worked at Panda Software for over a year with tens of non-Scientologists and not a single one was recruited into Scientology. They'll have him do the stupid WISE secularized courses, and all that bullshit, but it's just that...bullshit. And he already knows it. The guy already suffers from anxiety and depression for crying out loud. There's nothing alarming about working for a Scientologist. At the worst it's very annoying. At the best you kick back and collect a paycheck and who cares.

    Also dude, first of all no one there has to know you're on medication. Second of all, no one has to know you are seeing a psychiatrist. There are laws called HIPAA that protect you. If they do find out and ridicule or fire you because of it, then you can sue the living fuck out of them. They will be terrified of you and you will have all kinds of power over them because a Scientologist will not sue another Scientologist, but you are not a scientologist so you WILL sue.
  2. Adam7986

    Adam7986 Declared SP

    Oops old post! Shit! :biggrin::duh::eyeroll: Oh well my replies are still relevant.
  3. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    I pretty much agree with Paul here. There will be subtle or not-so-subtle efforts to get you "on board". There are varying degrees of intensity of this - each company would be different.

    I worked for several Scn companies in my time. Worst case: They will put you on a "units" system so that you may not be paid fairly. Best case: you will suffer the stigma of not being "one of us" which can make the work environment intolerable.

    Actually, the worst-worst case is what Paul said: you could actually get interested, become a Scn-ist, and only find out 20-30 years later what it really cost you!

    So yeah, line up another job (if you can) and bail.