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WWP Refugee

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by 0815, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. 0815

    0815 Patron

    I like the idea and I think we can get this done. But just in case, should I namefag myself, send OSA my personal data too?

    I'm not trying to start any kind of war, that is done by others on WWP.

    And you see any request? Sorry but this is a simple introduction and I'm glad that people take notice.

    I'm not even in this backyard and it's not that easy for me to even meet him, take a picture and post it. However, mods are more than welcome to check the IP log, and digg deep to see that AO and I know us from sending PM's to each other (which may be checked by mods). We never meet IRL :coolwink:
    I don't care for the drama on WWP because I have other fish to fry and I remain on target.

    Sure because each mod registered a couple more sock accounts. Look at the number and names of people online at any given time and you will see that there is not much movement.

    Btw. so if we all love rumors, why not make state that SR works for OSA. Never meet him / her but if I'm AnonOrange, she is OSA; get it? :duh:

    I took refuge at ESMB to stay in contact with other anons and not to solicit a private army or start a war. WWP is not the center of the universe and banning people, taking their right away to speak seems to be out of line with the idea of FREE SPEECH which anonymous tries to protect.
  2. parrotnutz

    parrotnutz Patron

    oh, hey 0815...nice to see ya here...
  3. Carnivale

    Carnivale Patron with Honors

    I would believe you more if your thread started out "Hey guys! How's it going?"

    Rather than a title of WWP Refugee and than crapping on the mods.

    That is why you are getting the reaction you are. Otherwise, no one from WWP would care. Just a pro tip for the future.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
  4. 0815

    0815 Patron

    The title says exactly what happened: I took refuge here on ESBM after the mods banned me on WWP for some stupid and unproven, but again WWP has nothing to do with free speech anymore.
  5. 0815

    0815 Patron

    The title says exactly what happened: I took refuge here on ESBM after the mods banned me on WWP for some stupid and unproven, but again WWP has nothing to do with free speech anymore.
  6. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

  7. xseaorguk

    xseaorguk Patron Meritorious

    I would guess that 0815 is German, is that correct?

    It is a phrase used in the German language for something very ordinary.


    'She had a 0815 hairdo'


    'She had a very ordinary hairstyle'

    Just couldnt resist asking!:happydance:

    Who cares anyway?


    Welcome!! :yes:
  8. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron


    I wrote to you guys and asked that you simply call me and 0815 on a conference call at the same time. You ignored it, because it would have proven you wrong.

    0815 and I just want to catch Ollie and punish him for his crimes of restricting freedom of speech. This whole movement got started because a single YouTube got taken down. 0815 had FIFTEEN YouTubes taken down, most likely by Schaper. Schaper admitted to me that he is ARCWins.

    Both 0815 and I have driven very long distances on several occasions just to catch Ollie. All we got from SoCal is criticism.

    About this:
    "fact that everyone who was in contact with the people at the Ollie cause all confirmed AO was the only person there....."
    I have a picture that Ollie sent me of 0815 and his buddy in his vehicle taken near the Tustin court house. Whoever told you otherwise is just fuelling this completely useless drama.

    You SoCal (LA) anons are just hypocrites who prefer playing your little games rather than fighting the cult. You, Snake are the wost case of leaderfagging, yet that's what you accuse others of.

    Snake: Fuck YOU.
  9. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hey Carnivale, I got banned for LIFE on WWP (for reasons that YOU ALL FABRICATED for the lulz).

    Now, if I got banned for LIFE and you think that 0815 is ME, then why did you ban HIM for a week?

    Not too sure of yourself right?
  10. Carnivale

    Carnivale Patron with Honors

    I am not a mod and cannot see IPs or ban anyone.
  11. MudkipsCarasov

    MudkipsCarasov New Member

    Hahaha holyfuckshit.

    Calling Blvd a leaderfag is like calling HT thin, NoirAngeles kind, 0815 not your sock, or me not a whore.

    Well played.
  12. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hey DCAnon, I showed your last PM to me to my trailer park neighbors. They especially had fun with the part that "no one should own guns". At first they had all kinds of insults for you and (theorized) about the color of your boyfriend.

    We then laughed so much (about YOU) and started making a video. Then we drank and drank and ended up having a small block party. We barbecued, talked about guns and drank like fat white trailer park guys. I happened to have a 40 oz of Canadian Wiskey and Canada Dry ginger ale and introduced my Red Neck friends to this wonderful drink combination. We downed the 40 oz pretty quickly and they introduced me to a special Bourbon. We ran out of Bourbon and another neighbor brought in rum. By around midnight, our lesbian neighbors joined in the party and we've convinced them to come to the gun range with us.

    I woke up at 11:00 AM this morning.

    So DC, THANK YOU for the good times. I'll be missing tomorrow's Global protest, because right now I'd rather be with my Red Neck friends and the two lesbians (one which is a gun virgin) at the gun range.

    I'll make a video.


    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
  13. MudkipsCarasov

    MudkipsCarasov New Member

    So, does this mean you're done with the awkward sexual propositioning of Anonymous' favorite hambeast? Guess I'm going to have to scrap the AO + HT = <3 YouTube video I was working on...
  14. Achi

    Achi Patron

    I completely do not understand what this is all about...and I am very happy in my ignorance!

    :tiptoe: :argue:
  15. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    AO is weird, and so is 0815.

  16. 0815

    0815 Patron

    That is funny because AO pointed that out to me too. No but I had in '08, 15 videos removed by Ollie (a person that should pay for his crime) and I used the numbers to remind my why I fight the scilons. AO found a website from I guess Switzerland or Sweden, can't really remember that uses my number. But I like that translation because I am just an ordinary Joe protesting the cult.

  17. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

    We're just having a small political disagreement. She's a rabid totalitarian communist and I'm a freedom lover.

    We'll work it out.
  18. 0815

    0815 Patron

    Not a cool plan - I don't want to be a token in your internal SoCal fur-pile.

    And I hope nobody finds it lulzy to call you Tommy Davis and ban your ass from WWP.

    Simple: Some mods at WWP think that AnonOrange (AO) and myself are the same person. I wish I would be as skinny as AO (SRS, I make WBM look skinny too) but we have the same target.

    No I have been told 0815 = ordinary :thumbsup: and not weird at all.
  19. 0815

    0815 Patron

    I love communism because that would mean that my weed would be free :happydance:

    Socialism is the thing that does not work (like WWP) were some a more equal than others. :nervous:
  20. BlvdNights

    BlvdNights Patron

    ITT: Anonroange talks to himself.

    Also, why would Ollie send you pics?
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