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xguardian, any other ex-G.O. on board?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by xguardian, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. xguardian

    xguardian Patron with Honors

    1975-1979 with Guardians Office in N.California NCLE and CCHR, anyone this old out there?
  2. Welcome, XGuardian!

    Hi XGuardian, Welcome to the ESMB. Yes, there are several old-timer Ex's as well as Ex GO members. I hope that you will be able to find some old friends, as well as make some new ones. If you look around through the treads, you will find them. What made you join us? Folks here like to hear people's personal stories of their own experiences, good and bad, with the church of Scientology. I'll bet you have some good stories to tell us! We are a very diverse group here. I'm glad you joined us, welcome. :)
  3. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    :welcome: to ESMB Xguardian. I'm sure your PM will be ringing off the hook in no time.
  4. xguardian

    xguardian Patron with Honors

    Thanx Sweetness and light, If I tell the whole story, I would have to tell about events unbelievable to some. I hope there are some ex's that remember our exploits and can coaborate things I will reveal.
  5. _brian

    _brian WogRevert

    Big welcome to you xguardian to esmb.

    double size :drama: with extra butter.

    Can't wait.


  6. Hi ExGuardian, you wouldn't believe what we would believe around here. Many of us have a lot of reality on the kinds of things that you could tell us. I'm sure you will connect with friends, old and new here.

    Whenever you feel comfortable, we're listening..don't mind the popcorn, it's a local joke. Means folks are paying attention to what you are saying. :)

  7. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix Patron Meritorious

    Warmest welcome to ESMB, Xguardian.

    Great to have you on board.:happydance:
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  8. Opter

    Opter Silver Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Xguardian :)

    Can't wait for your revelations. :yes:

  9. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome X G.O.

    What is NCLE?

    I knew a few G.O. in my time. They were spais n all. Time to find the:drama:
  10. celtg

    celtg Patron

    With CofS you realize that allot of things are believable! :yes:
  11. Minuet #1 in G

    Minuet #1 in G Patron with Honors

    Hi xguardian
    Im ex GO in Aus from 1978-1982. Good to see another GO ex on the board.
    My story is here.

  12. Tim Skog

    Tim Skog Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi xguardian. I was a GO PR volunteer in Tucson from '76-78. Went to Las Vegas to become full-time GO staff '78-79. Was then transferred to GOPRNY in '79-84 and was OSAUS PR from '84-86.

    Welcome to the board.
  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Excerpted from the CofS's


    To promote and advance the cause of civil rights, the Church of Scientology in 1974 created the National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice (NCLE), a nonprofit and tax-exempt organization. Although its original mandate was to focus on issues in the United States, it has since taken on international responsibilities as a civil rights watchdog.​

  14. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily Gold Meritorious Patron

    :welcome: to ESMB exguardian!

    Can't wait to hear your story!
  15. Pooks


  16. DonkeyOT

    DonkeyOT Patron

    Hi Exguardian

    I wasn't in the GO, but my wife was in the 1970s. At SFO I knew Kathy O'gorman, Bill Hodgkinson and several others. We may even have known each other.

    Those were some interesting times!

    Bill O
  17. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

    Cash for clunker deal? $4,500 ?

    Can I trade in my ol' xguardian for a brand new fresh OSA?
  18. FinallyFree

    FinallyFree Gold Meritorious Patron

    :welcome2: to the board xguardian. Big melting pot here. I am not exGo, was on staff at LA Day in the 90's. Would love to hear some of your stories!
  19. xguardian

    xguardian Patron with Honors

    She knew my counter part Jeff Q I might have known her by phone or stats....I kept up on up stat GO great talent pool...
  20. xguardian

    xguardian Patron with Honors

    The trade in has to not get more than 18 MPG to qualify, I can still get 20-22....