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Young woman rescued from Narconon-Michigan tonight!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon, Drug Free World, and Other Anti-drug Fro' started by Smurf, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    On Monday, this was posted on OCMB..

    "I have an immediate emergency situation. My sons dear friend was dragged to Narconon in Albion MI under false pretenses and duress. Scientology people drove to Delaware and picked her up. She called us crying and she was forced to hang up. Her mother put her in there and we are afraid for her life! Her mother said she is in there under a court order. We cannot find any evidence of a court order. We looked up our local court records and there is no order for drug treatment. We informed the mother of the dangers and she doesn't care.

    Please help us. How do we get her out of there legally. She is 18 years of age. I have read of the dangers of the Narconon facilities and the deaths from their "treatment" . This young lady is 93 pound and 5'. There is no way she could physically tolerate what they are going to put her through.. Please help us!"

    A number of concerned individuals got involved, learned that this young woman was not at Narconon per court order, and after alot of careful planning...

    Ashley, the young woman being held captive by Narconon was rescued tonight with the assistance of police. The police officer, reportedly, told Ashley, ""You are doing the right thing by leaving this place."

    Mimi Parrow, who resides in Indiana drove to Michigan to pick Ashley up.

    Taken minutes after the rescue..

    HUGE APPLAUSE for Tory Christman, Mimi Parrow, and unnamed heroes for coordinating & helping to execute the rescue of Ashley.
  2. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    That's just wonderful. I am in awe.
  3. British Mom

    British Mom Patron with Honors

    Well done Mimi & others who helped, another lost soul helped by getting her away from the Cult. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: You are all angels, thank you.
  4. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yep! Once again the SP Underground Railway ROLLS another
    FREE!!! Today I got a call from "Mrs X" asking for help re getting Ashley out
    of Narconon,in Michigan.

    So I posted this on Facebook:

    Soon after, Mimi called to say she can pick her up. :happydance:
    With that,
    I called the Police to ask IF they would help. They said for sure
    they would be there to help escort her out. :woohoo:

    The night rolled on. Mimi picked up Ashley and as has been reported
    (Which I LOVE)...the police told her:
    "You are doing the right thing by leaving here" :omg: WOW!

    Great job, one and ALL :woohoo: :clap::clap:

    There's still more to go, but this was quite a lot for ONE day.

    I don't remember things happening that fast in Scientology...
    Certainly not with "Wogs" Or people they did not know.

    How foolish they are. Oh well, all the better for us.

    Love to ALL :bighug:

  5. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate

    In light of another needless death at a cult Narconon facility... very well done, and thank you.

    If we can ever have the full story, without putting people at further risk, it might go some way towards further exposing the crimes being committed in the name of Scientology.
  6. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron

    For sure, more will come. I just want to make sure
    SHE is safe and sound, before more is out.

    And OSA? You know this drill: Go rake leaves. Go dust.
    DO S o m e t h i n g productive, please.
  7. Sock Puppy

    Sock Puppy Patron with Honors

    Ha! Hey cult, that's kicking your sorry ass!!
  8. BardoThodol

    BardoThodol Silver Meritorious Patron

  9. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent Silver Meritorious Patron

    Pending kidnapping charges perhaps? :clap: Crossed state lines?
    They have the drill don't tell the person they are going there. It is worked out secretly with the parents or family so that the double-team just shows up and take them away. It is unnerving all around (except to the voltures). They do it this way so the person doesn't bolt. They even take their shoes if at an airport so they can't run off. I would imagine her Mom had to sign off on paperwork to take her but still... at 18? Doesn't say what state the girl was from or what the age of majority is there.

    Doesn't say if the Mom is a cult member or not. She also could have been preyed upon about how Narconon is the final solution and bought into it with the best of intentions. Maybe she was at her wits ends with her daughter and drugs. That happens.

    Thanks to all for their efforts. And I hope the girl gets off drugs some other way.
  10. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you to all involved!


    A young life spared from the Narconon Russian Roulette method of detox.
  11. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    A type of body trafficking?
  12. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    That's brilliant!

  13. booski

    booski New Member

    really really really excellent!
  14. BigBeard

    BigBeard Patron

    Ashley is legally an adult, there was no court order, and she was forced to travel across state lines against her will. So when will the Federal kidnapping charges be filed???
  15. freshmusician

    freshmusician Patron

    Well done! :thumbsup::clap::yes:
  16. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Yah, and when will she file the civil charges for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress? Cause I'm seein' all of those in the story I read. Probably a few other causes of action in the WHOLE story. Cause I want to see the pig bled good and dry real fast.
  17. Natalie

    Natalie Patron with Honors

    Very glad to hear she made it out of there. If she does need help with a substance abuse issue, I hope she does seek it out from a legitimate organization.
  18. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Very important point! One really needa to plan an escape and have a place to go for treatment set up, even if it's AA or NA meeting everyday until something cxan be arranged.

    Funny how AA & NA are the programs most Narconon grads & escapees attend after completing Narconon, where is no real aftercare support nor education to help a person navagate the real work and really be prepared for people, places and things.

    Over at Reaching For The Tipping Point Forum we members do help with locating legitimate local resources for anyone in need.

    Here is a list of links for help that have been reviewed as safe, along with information for anyone seeing help:

    Finding Help on the Internet for the addict and his/her family & friends

    SoberRecovery - Resources for Substance Abusers. (International)
    They also have a very large number of registered people who participate
    in online support chats

    National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (USA)
    244 East 58th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10022 Phone: 212-269-7797
    | Fax 212-269-7510 email:

    National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) (USA)
    HOPE LINE: 800 NCACALL (24 hour Affiliate referral)


    SAMHSA - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (USA)
    National Helpline Call 800-662-HELP (4357) or visit the online treatment
    locator at
    ( keep in mind there are Narconons listed here at SAMHSA which shouldn't be. This is still being investigated. Only NN Arrowhead qualifies because they are CARF certified because of William Kent McGregor and his influence. None of the others have ever passed certification.

    For Canada, please PM me.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  19. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    The police would not have helped her leave if she was legally a minor. It would require the parent's consent. Ashley has reached the age of majority in Michigan.. 18. I'm assuming that, at least, one of her parents wanted her out, or the police would not have gotten involved.

    Their are legal ramifications to this rescue, though. If it was acknowledged by the court that Ashley had a drug problem, her parent's paid Narconon a large sum of $$$ for Ashley's drug treatment, and the rescue did not have her parent's approval, the State of Michigan could impanel a Grand Jury to try to bring criminal charges against her rescuers. The parents could also sue in civil court.

    It depends, highly, on whether her rescuers get her involved in another drug treatment program. If they simply walk away, and leave Ashley to live her life, and something occurs relating to her drug problem, the rescuers could be brought up on federal charges since Ashley crossed state lines.

    It should now be the goal to get Ashley into another drug rehab program that is safe & responsible.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  20. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Smurf, can you please clarify? I was under the impression that there was no court order.

    If she is legally an adult, she could still willingly leave with rescuers, no? In that case, her parents should be entitled to a refund for whatever days she didn't use. I don't see why it would create exposure for the rescuers. At least not criminal liability (anyone can sue anyone civilly, but good luck recovering in some instances, right?).

    And if the court wanted her in some treatment program, she should be entitled to leave an abusive one and change to a better program. Sometimes there's a slap on the wrist for not asking first, but if I were in the girl's situation I would have risked a weekend in the clink to blow Narconon. Still, I don't see how it would create a problem for anyone but the rescuee, especially if she led the rescuers to believe she was in danger and neede rescuing.