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Your experiences at the examiner.

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Iknowtoomuch, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. HSSC

    HSSC Patron

    Copenhagen AOSHEU 1985.Came out from some Repair session,must have been on grade 3.
    The examiner looks at me,then a glance at the e-meter and with a smile says "thank u very much,your needle is floating"
    At that precise moment I looked at my cans and guess what?One of them had the cable disconnected!

    So I can proudly say that I am the first case of wireless F/N! :lol:
  2. slimjim

    slimjim Patron with Honors

    I once accidentally (out tr's??????) told a pc his noodle was fleeting.:melodramatic:
  3. Takin Time

    Takin Time Patron with Honors

    I was once extremely pissed when going to the examiner. I had been in with an auditor who squirreled doing False Data Stripping and who wouldn't accept my answer that *I* was the source of the false data. She said "It can't be you. It has to be someone else. That's how *we* were drilled at Flag. Your needle is floating. Did it blow?"

    I was stunned and furious, but took this as my opportunity to get out of the room.

    We went to the examiner who said "Your needle is floating."

    I slowly put the cans back and went to the bathroom to see what my "face" looked like. Surely the examiner was just blind as Mr. Magoo! But my face appeared normal. (What do I know, anyway?)

    I got out of that org and never went back.
  4. Takin Time

    Takin Time Patron with Honors

    Another time, I'd fought with the auditor during a sec check. I had a major cognition, and he wanted to take it up as a read. I think he finally gave up and I left session with a splitting headache.

    We went to the examiner who said "Your needle is floating."

    I muttered under my breath, "In your wildest dreams!" He didn't hear it, and I didn't "red tag".

    I never went back in session there and never attested to the end of that sec check.

    Maybe they got the EP they wanted.
  5. Takin Time

    Takin Time Patron with Honors

    My favorite story is when I was in a very tiny org.

    The auditor was also the examiner, and the E/O, the ED, the Qual Sec and anything else that wasn't held by the 3 or so other non-technical staff.

    She would do the session. Have an F/N. Turn over her desk sign from "Auditor" to "Examiner" (or leave the room and come back in), then do the examine and get an F/N.

    She was the only one around who knew how to operate a meter - so what the hell.

    In my entire time in Scientology, I never really liked "going to the examiner". I liked the auditor; they'd get into ARC with me. But the examiner was inevitably a stranger, or an executive, or someone I just didn't want to talk to. And if I was happy with my session, I was just content to sit there. I never wanted to "say" anything.
  6. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    The insidious thing about the cult is that it uses quite desirable processes that- from my own experience and multitudinous accounts-do seem to result in personal growth, as the bait in a philosophical trap.

    But, as the previous poster illustrates, it's very ridged and formulaic, and you quickly learn to go along with the program, or suffer the concequences.

    You can achieve this kind of knowledge of self in other systems that are probably more effective, and definitely cheaper.

    The OT levels are a totally different animal from the lower bridge, and might have the potential to do great harm.
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  7. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation


    If that's actually true you probably caused his needle to float (and then some) ...

  8. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    Thank you, your fleedle is noting.
  9. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    :hysterical: :laugh:
  10. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation


    Tee he he ...
  11. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    I alway felt uneasy about exams but after GAT...!

    What a sick mind trap! Many times I did ok but nothing that great that I wanted to comunicate about at the time and yet there I was, forced to write something. What a f@#ing mind trap! That's all I have to say about exams.
  12. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Once I had an examiner that was pissed off for some reason.This highly trained OT couldn't even keep her TRs in. I had to handle her before she gave me the exam! :omg:
  13. Takin Time

    Takin Time Patron with Honors

    Dontcha love those post-GAT exams WITH THE VIDEO CAMERA?
  14. Rmack

    Rmack Van Allen Belt Sunbather

    omg, a video camera? Yeah, like the concern that his every blink will be recorded for good won't effect his f/n or anything.

    However, you could have a panel of examiners watching for a consensus.

    You know, with current computer technology, you could just program a computerized robot device to give exams. "walk into that booth, and grab those two handles."
  15. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Before the exams were monitored by video camera, there used to be almost 100% F/Ns at exams at St Hill. Of course this was a reflection of the superlative levels of service at ‘Ron’s Home’. :coolwink:

    Then, when the exams were recorded, this figure suddenly plunged (surprise, surprise).

    Before the GAT, I never had any problems with F/Ning at exams. But around 2002, I suddenly found that I was not getting an F/N after session, even though I felt fine. It was a nightmare sitting down in the little cubby-hole with a queue of other PCs behind me, with the examiner looking expectantly at me for a couple of agonizing minutes and then indicating for me to vacate the chair. I’d feel so deflated and inadequate. “Why wasn’t my needle floating? Is there something wrong with me? I can’t afford to keep doing all these correction lists!”

    Then, of course, I’d have so much attention on it, I’d be really tense and dread walking up to the examiner’s room. Not very conducive to getting an F/N. :no:

    One time, I was kept waiting until around 10:30pm while most of the senior tech people of AOSH and SHF argued over the video of my exam and whether or not I had F/Ned. I thought WTF? How can there be any debate? After this, I concluded that they didn’t really know what they were doing

    So, I developed a strategy. I’d think of pleasant and joyous things. Like David Beckham scoring that free-kick against Greece in the last minute of the last qualifier for the 2002 World Cup or *censored* with a *censored* with big *censored*.

    Another thing that really helped was having the ‘right’ person behind the meter. When it was an attractive woman with a tight blouse, I never seemed to have any problems. :whistling:

    Looking back now, I’m sure that most of the problems that I had were because the auditing just wasn’t good enough and there were too many mistakes in session that I still had my attention on. When I had a really good auditor, such as Julie Cowle (Class VI), I never had any problems and always felt really good after each session.

  16. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    It just occurred to me that THESE are the people we should be targeting to get out of the cult. What a great protest sign........

    When did an F/N stop looking like a happy PC? ​

    How's that?
  17. tgack

    tgack Patron

    LFBD at exam.

    Another story that comes to my memory is this one:

    It was at the end of my examiner-"career", and I have no count of how many dianetic/natural/past-life etc. "Clears" I had "passed" as examiner.

    I really thought "something is Rotten in Denmark" ( literally ), but what could I do? I was not tech-trained, so I had absolutely NO prerequisites to judge whether someone was Clear or not. So my role was actually nothing but being a rubber-stamp for whatever the C/S thought was appropriate. I just did what everybody expected me to do :whistling:

    Almost ...

    It must have been in the beginning of 1981, and I had just "passed" a guy who claimed that he was a "past-life Clear". He was actually born three years before DMSMH ( 1947 ), but "somehow he must have been one of Hubbards first clients when Hubbard "researched" Dianetics". Yeah, right :whistling:

    And I just thought for myself : "NEXT TIME! :angry: "

    Well, the "NEXT TIME" came very soon thereafter, because soon thereafter I received the pc-folder of a guy who should attest to "Natural Clear".

    I knew this guy very well, we used to hang out a lot together, and I actually liked him very much because he had a real fine sense of humor which made him a frequent visitor in the Ethics Department. :whistling: ( We often met there, Hi Lars :happydance: ).

    So, now this guy was supposed to attest "Natural Clear", and I just thought to myself : "NO F£@#¤&% WAY!". Besides being a very funny guy, I knew that he also had a "dark" side because I knew him personally. And I knew he really had some personal/mental problems which in my book just made it impossible that he in any way could be a "Natural Clear".

    I really don't know what happened exactly, but I remember that I went down to the reception, looked at him "Tone 40-ish" and asked him to follow me.

    From the reception to the exam-room was an approx. 50-meter walk, and the guy really tried to get in comm with me by chatting like we used to do, but I did not react in any way whatsoever. I just went into the exam-room, closed the door and asked the guy to sit down and take up the cans.

    My TRs were 112% "IN", my stone-face was as cold as ice, even Dirty Harry would have been scared to death, so the guy must really have been wondering what the H%&# was the matter with me. He had never ever seen me that way before, and he had an expression in his face like a five-year old boy who had just been caught for shop-lifting in a candy-store.

    Still with my TRs 112% IN, and without saying one word I looked at the meter and adjusted the TA.

    I then looked at the guy and asked him to look at the Grade Chart definition of "Clear", whereafter I asked him with a 112% Tone 40 command :


    And I swear to God : I have never in my "career" seen anything like it !

    The guy had almost lost his voice and gasped something that sounded like "no", but the reaction on the E-meter was just nothing but incredible.

    I don't remember the exact TA-readings, but something like a LFBD in a split-second from 3.5 down to 1.8 is not unrealistic, and to this day I still wonder how the H%¤# this happened. I saw it with my own eyes, and I have never found an acceptable explanation for this phenomena. The $cn-explanation is of course BS, but the explanations that I have seen elsewhere doesn't sound right in my ears either. How can the resistance in the skin change from 15.000 ohm to 4000 ohm in a split-second? This is still a mystery for me, and it is a fact that I saw it with my own eyes!

    Anyway, the guy of course flunked, and a few days later we met and talked and joked like always as if nothing had happened. And a few years later we were both "out" and it's now 20 years since I saw him.

    I hope You are doing fine Lars. I have tried to find You, but so far without luck, as you have a very common name. But if you want to find me, my name is easy to find in "". It would be really funny to see you again one day. I now live in Jutland.

  18. Amadeus Einstein

    Amadeus Einstein Patron with Honors

    At Flag once I had to do a cram, and was really mega-BI's on it because I thought it had been assigned unfairly. But the only way to handle the cram off and get rid of them was to go through the motions of doing the cram, so that's what I did. It was tiny program; the last 1 or 2% that I'd "missed" on SSI or something. So I wasn't amused when, after completing the cramming assignment, the Examiner asked me if I'd like to write a success story. I'd been bawling in the Cram Off's room because this had just ruined my 100% study record, and I nearly started up again.

    One of the examiners at Flag really wasn't liked, and this fact was obviously known about by those higher up, because at a meeting the Captain said if your pcs were really properly F/Ning it wouldn't matter what the examiner did or said, they'd still get an F/N.

    I found that I used to red tag because we were expected to spend from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm with only short meal breaks on Method One, and the sessions were too long for me and I used to get too hungry. So we'd break for lunch and I'd red tag. After being sent chasing round the whole place to find a review auditor who could get the red tags off on a few occasions, I got smart. I'd go back to the examiner after lunch, and make a statement that I hadn't been sessionable before lunch, and that I felt it should've been an F/N. This way, I'd nearly always F/N and the sups would let me and my twin go back on M1.

    Then there was that whole "make a statement" thing. At one TTC muster I'm not sure which exec it was said that pcs are supposed to say something about the session they've just had when they go to exams, and that this was being pointed out as a "piece of pc hatting". I never liked the idea of having to sit there and think of something to say when after most sessions I felt good but not really bubbling over.

    Then there was another time I'd taken my twin to exams and she'd F/Ned. Like every other auditor, I waited out of sight just outside the exam booth. When my pc came out and I walked in to collect the exam sheet, the examiner asked me what my name was, in this really cold way, like you do when you're finding out who someone is so you can KR them. The examiner wouldn't say why she wanted to know and I couldn't think what I could possibly have done that should mean this examiner or anyone else would want to know who I was. Spooky.
  19. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    AE, It's nothing too spooky!
    I believe that the Examiner needs to write the name of the Auditor on each Exam form. From memory, it goes directly under the PC's name.
  20. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Interesting thread - lots of giggles this end! :D

    The whole 'examiner' thing (whichever side of the meter I was on), was always a bit of a mind f'ck for me. Too many times as a pc I didn't F/N, and too many times as an examiner (when the examiner was elsewhere), I red tagged pc's.

    I can't remember exactly what the reference said, but you were supposed to note what the needle was doing (among other things). If it was F/Ning, you would indicate it. If it wasn't, then you'd acknowledge the pc and let them go. As others have said, that went down like a led balloon - red tags were a flap.

    As a pc, if I was happy or fine with the word clearing/session or whatever, and then the examiner wouldn't indicate 'my F/N', I'd argue the point, say something like "Come on! I was happy as Larry before I had to wait for an exam, blah de blah (about my 'satisfaction' with what was just done), check it now" - he or she would, and it'd usually be fine. I used to kind of sell them on it and get an F/N cause I didn't want to get hauled into a word clearing correction list, or back into session over nothing.

    As someone wearing the examiner hat, it was a nightmare. You weren't supposed to 'wait' for an F/N, but ya knew that the pc's attention could have gone onto god knows what since the session or word clearing. Judgement was definately a requirement, but of course that wasn't in the bulletin. If ya didn't use judgement, ya would have red tagged god knows how many - but how long could ya wait? You couldn't really wait - you just had to try and see an F/N amongst all the other needle phenomena in a short space of time.

    That changed with GAT obviously. I never wore the examiner hat after GAT, but as a pc I observed that the examiners would stare at the meter and wait. The exam became a mind f'ck after GAT.

    One time , soon after this GAT F/N arbitrary, I pointed out to an examiner who was squirming/waiting, that she as an examiner should just note what my needle was doing, and let me go - I asked her "since when did LRH say that an examiner was supposed to wait for an F/N? My needle is floating per your definition or it isn't. I'm out of here". I put down the cans and stood up to leave, but she stood up and was out of there before I was and started bawling.

    I followed her and consoled her. She was a dear woman who had a heart of gold and was pretty f'ked up over what had come about in regard to F/N's and what had transpired in the previous months at her org - the AO. We bawled together. Shit, it was awful - I felt for her, for me, and everyone else at the time. Things got pretty damn screwy

    I was on ethics lines at the time, and after that, my word clearers and 'sec checkers' didn't ever send me to the 'examiner'. It was organised somehow that an auditor in their auditing room would do my 'after session exam'.